20 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Show Mom You Care

Mother's Day Gifts

Need to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Look no further. Discover 20 unique Mother’s Day selections from Paulding Pawn where meaningful meets affordable, helping show Mom she’s cherished without breaking the bank. Key Takeaways Paulding Pawn offers unique, budget-friendly, and immediately available gifts for Mother’s Day, including jewelry, watches, antiques, electronics, and gadgets. Consumers […]

Understanding Diamond 4Cs and Finding the Perfect Pair of Diamond Earrings

Diamond 4Cs

Throughout history, diamonds have mesmerized humanity with their incomparable beauty and enduring appeal. From ancient civilizations to modern-day romantics, these precious gemstones have held a special place in the human heart, symbolizing love, strength, and eternal devotion. Whether nestled in an engagement ring as a declaration of lifelong commitment or adorning a pair of exquisite […]

When You Buy Precious Metals, Consider Gold and Silver Bullion

Gold prices

What is Bullion? Bullion refers to precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, or palladium in bars or ingots. These metals are typically traded and stored for investment purposes, and the current market price determines their value for the particular metal. Bullion is generally considered a relatively stable and safe investment option, as the value […]

What To Do With Old Class Rings

Gold Class Ring

What To Do With Old Class Rings High school or college graduation was years ago. You remember laughing with your college friends and comparing your class rings. You were excited when you decided to purchase one, and looked through different catalogues and jewelry stores to find the perfect one that represented your accomplishment. Now that […]

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday – Paulding Pawn Shop Best Deals

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday – Paulding Pawn Shop Best Deals Building on the information from Black Friday vs Cyber Monday 2021, Paulding Pawn Will Do it again with both Black Friday deals and online deals. Depending on where you shop, Black Friday sales will start with better deals during November. There are deals starting […]

Diamonds, Gold, Pearls, Emeralds; Jewelry, Is a Girl’s Best Friend

quick cash

Diamonds, Gold, Pearls, Emeralds; Jewelry, Is a Girl’s Best Friend Marilyn Monroe said, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and this is true today as it was when she said it. Diamonds are a statement of femininity, a statement of beauty. Women have always loved jewelry, from the sparkle of a diamond to wearing gold […]