At Paulding Pawn, we’re revolutionizing the way you buy and sell electronics. With competitive pricing, cash paid instantly and options for loans instead of final sales, we provide you with more than just the typical pawnshop experience.

Instant Cash

We believe in rewarding our customers quickly. When you bring your used electronics to us, we offer cash paid instantly – so you don’t have to wait for days or weeks for your money.

Competitive Pricing

We strive to offer competitive prices on all items that come through our doors. This ensures that you get top dollar for your electronics – helping you make the most of your hard-earned money!

Loans Instead of Final Sales

Not ready to let go? Sometimes it makes more sense to keep hold of those treasured electronics. At Paulding Pawn, we are always happy to provide loans instead of final sales – so that nothing leaves your hands before it has to!


Get a Consultation on Your Electronics to Sell or Pawn.