Why Buy From A Pawn Shop Who Does Handbag Authentication?

Wouldn’t it be infuriating to discover the recently purchased pre-owned luxury handbag you got for an affordable price at a local pawn shop was a fake?

Pawn shops need to make sure what they are buying and loaning against are not duds. They want authentic items. It’s the only way they make money and keep customers coming back.

There are things you can look at on a luxury handbag to discern the differences between a genuine product and a fake.

It’s All In The Details

All high-end handbags undergo a final inspection to identify imperfections or flaws before leaving the factory. This is how luxury handbag manufacturers like Louis Vuitton and Gucci have gained loyal followers. High-end handbags are known for their craftsmanship and quality.

No matter how skillfully counterfeit designers attempt to make them look like fake handbags, they can’t achieve the same level of protection. There are inconsistent flaws that show that the product’s authenticity is a dud.

Examining the details; undone stitches, loose threads, misaligned patterns, the alignment of straps, and the presence of extra threads all add to your confidence the handbag is genuine.

Check the Closures

High-end handbags have locks, plates, zipper pulls, buttons, and claps unique to their brand. These things are the most difficult to replicate and can be used to tell a fake from a real bag. Brand logos are engraved with metal plates specifically designed for the company. Even with modern technology, replicating the plates still produces a copy or plate that isn’t exact. Even a slight difference would indicate the product is not authentic.

Knowing which luxury brands have what logos and labels is important. For example, a Gucci bag will have the letters “GG” to the name itself inscribed on gold plates. Louis Vuitton’s famous interlocking “L” and “V” letters and have perfect spacing. Hermes products come with a “Hermes Paris made in France” carving on the rear side of the flap. The lettering is sharp, with perfect spacing and exact font.

One brand will have different rules and details used in the logos and labels and the placement of these items.

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Materials used in designer handbags are unique. The materials can be both difficult and easy to replicate. Materials used in all bags need to retain their shape, odor and feel. Louis Vuitton uses some of the finest materials, including coated canvas, leather, and exotic skins.

If It Is Too Good To Be True, It Probably Isn’t True

Luxury handbags are expensive due to their branding, the craftsmanship that goes into each bag, and because they are seen as an elite possession. Pre-owned bags still require a high price, although more affordable than buying new ones.

Unrealistic price tags are immediate giveaways when it comes to designer handbag authentication.


Consider the Shape of the bag

Because designer bag manufacturers use premium materials and spend hours crafting each luxury handbag they hold their shape. Even over time, the bags will retain their shape and have a gorgeous appearance.

Authentication Services

There are both online, mail-in, apps, and in store authentication companies. Some companies require you to upload images that are high-quality for luxury authentication. Ensuring the bag you are looking at is authenticated will save you money in the long run. In most situations, designer bag authenticators are reliable and true. The people owning and working in luxury bag authentication have years of experience handling designer bags and have the resources available to refer to and compare when authenticating a bag.  

Without authentication, the resale luxury handbag business would fail. Keeping up with fakes and counterfeit items is a challenge for authentication services.

A caveat about some online authentication companies is the results and the certificate of authenticity they provide are based on the authenticator’s opinion of what they have or have not seen in the past. There is no school or certificate to become a luxury authenticator.

Authenticators have access to networks and databases of handbags they can easily reference for comparison. This is similar to authentication services for other designer goods.

Some Pawn Shops use apps to authenticate their luxury handbags, and others know how to use the details of the bags to make sure they are genuine. Pawn shops offer handbag authentication services because this is how they make sure they can stand behind what they are selling. Additionally, if they are writing a collateral loan using a luxury handbag as the item to secure the loan, it is important for the shop to know the bag is real.

Some authentication services provide an authentication certificate. This is preferred over verbal authentication. An authentication certificate is helpful for you should you want to sell a bag faster down the road when you are liquidating bags so you can get new bags. 

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Paulding Pawn and Shop

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Authentication services are provided free of charge by Paulding Pawn and Shop. Not taking in a counterfeit item is good business, so they evaluate all items that come through the door. Luxury goods are their passion and they are happy to authenticate your items. Their turnaround time is quick and often done while you wait. Designer handbag authentication services are easy at Paulding Pawn and Shop.

Suppose you want to purchase a designer handbag at Paulding Pawn and Shop. In that case, you can shop confidently knowing that the designer bag authentication services Paulding provides were completed on the item you want to purchase before it was placed on the sales floor.

In fact some may even have an authentication report for your reference; just ask.